DPR Art Rescue is currently treating collections affected by the recent hurricanes and wildefires nationwide. Please call our toll-free number for assistance.


We are...

A consortium of art industry professionals committed to disaster planning and response services for artwork, sculpture, works on paper, murals, objects, gilt objects and frames, antique and fine furniture.

Our professional team is immediately dispatched to any crisis circumstance, including fire, flooding, or accidental damage. We ensure accurate inventory, safe evacuation, transportation, and storage, while maintaining maximum security and climate control to all artwork & artifacts. DPR provides expert conservation and preservation services. We offer personalized disaster response plans designed to protect artwork from potential vulnerability.

Our Clients

Private collections
Corporate collections
Insurance firms /claims specialists

Contact Information

For project or claim related inquiries, please feel welcome to contact:

April Hann Lanford
Vice President
Director of Client Services and Disaster Response
(312) 243-9747 |

Click the image above to download our brochure (PDF)

Click the image above to download our brochure (PDF)



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