Packing & Crating


Multiple factors presented by the object itself and the damage its sustained dictate our packing decisions. All of our project managers have extensive hands-on experience and are uniquely equipped to assist our clients in this process. Whether the piece needs stabilization before packing, a custom crate, cavity packing or simply museum quality soft packing, DPR Art Rescue will be prepared to assess and then act accordingly. In consultation with our conservators, DPR has developed its own packing specifications and has assisted many institutions in the development of their own specifications.


All DPR Art Rescue crates, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, are designed from the inside out, starting with support required for fragile media and forms, followed by cushioning requirements dictated by the object itself and the damage the piece has sustained. The selection and application of foam for cushioning in all DPR crating is based on calculation and not guess work. If time dictates that an assessment isn’t possible, DPR Art Rescue has the ability to set up a crating area for on site crate fabrication. All DPR "Solid" wall crates are certified and stamped to meet current European Union specifications for wood packaging.