Whether a plan be a guide for large scale disasters, or even mitigating risk from daily exposure, the goal of our plans is to devise plans that can be easily implemented.  

We work with clients to custom tailor short term and long term care programs for their collections.  Also offered are personalized tutorials for clients on the care and maintenance of their collections, whether it be fine art, archival framing, sculpture, antique and fine furniture, or artifacts.
We find that the better prepared and knowledgeable our collectors are about the preservation and daily exposures of their collection, they are inherently that much more prepared in the event of a larger loss.

  • Condition Assessments

  • Inventory and Documentation

  • Options and Cost Estimates for Preservation and Conservation Services

  • Loss Prevention and Safe Guarding Recommendations

  • Custom Display and Archival Framing Estimates

  • Archival Housing, and Storage Exposures

  • Location and Placement Identification and Potential Risks

  • Ongoing Care and Maintenance Programs

  • Identification of Priority Items

  • Strategies for Evacuation and Recovery for a Variety of Disaster Exposures

  • Fabrication of Disaster Response Kits, Packing Materials, Onsite and Offsite

  • Emergency Retainer Agreements

Safe and clean art removal prior to disaster